About Us

Spade Concrete is committed to providing you with the top quality service that your area can offer. Should be needing foundation repair, a patio installation, or a perfectly smooth driveway for your home, look no further. The pros here at Spade Concrete are perfectly honed in their craft and absolutely professional in the field. And because we are a nationwide company, you can expect to see the same level of dedication in the services no matter which state you happen to be in. It’s one number to reach any professional close to your area.


There’s no shortage of professional help here at Spade Concrete. We make it a point of pride to contact the best and most highly recommended staff in the area no matter where you go. Spade Concrete is constantly creating a network of the most sought after workers in the region. It won’t matter if you need foundation work done in Miami, driveway repair in Dallas, or a concrete walkway installation for a home in Olympia, we can do it all. Spade Concrete has the coverage to meet your needs whatever they are and wherever they may be. Thanks to the ever growing network of contractors that we’ve set up, you’ll never have to worry about getting the most professional experts on the job. The concrete services you desire are just a click or a phone call away. So call in today to get started. Out pros can walk you through the process no matter which job you’re on the market for, and answer any question you may have. And once they step foot on the jobsite, they’ll be able to give you a quote and consultation absolutely free.



We understand that as a homeowner, time and money are as precious to you as any other party. Budget is a major issue with customers and with contractors. That’s why Spade Concrete offers completely reasonable rates for high caliber work in the field. We encourage you to shop around and get quotes from other competitors. Competitive prices are essential in construction work and we here at Spade Concrete know that more than anyone. When you’re looking to get the job done with a completely reasonable price tag, be sure to go with Spade Concrete.

Get the best in the business.

Services include asphalt, concrete, patios, driveways, pavers, and so much more.